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The HR Cloud is hybrid? Missing a connector? We got your covered.

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The future is hybrid. But not all systems offer a standard connector. However, if HR processes are to function correctly and reliably, a highly integrated and automated system landscape is a prerequisite. 

INTEGRTR has your back.

  • Extensive Experience: We have already integrated countless systems. Data structures are our daily business. 
  • Expertise in Leading HR Tech Platforms: With extensive experience in SAP, SuccessFactors, SAP BTP, Workday, and other leading platforms, we deliver robust and reliable integration solutions.
  • HR Process Understanding: We don’t just develop clean technical solutions. Coupled with our comprehensive understanding of personnel processes, we take all process-related requirements into account equally to ensure the success of your project.
  • Enhanced Data Accuracy: Ensure data consistency and accuracy across all your HR systems, enabling better decision-making and reporting.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Our connectors are built to scale with your business, accommodating growth and changing needs effortlessly.
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Looking to upgrade your enterprise integration?
We’re here to help
Looking to upgrade your enterprise integration?
We’re here to help