Monitor any replication from SuccessFactors to any integrated receiving system. One monitor to rule them all.

With INTEGRTR Monitor CLDM, your organisation receives a powerful monitoring upgrade to all your SAP Cloud Integrations. It centralised dashboard along with proactive alert and monitoring capabilities allows your IT and HR teams to monitor all your SAP SuccessFactors integrations on cloud centrally.

Analysing Logs | Business Object Context

With INTEGRTR-Monitor CLDM you can analyse logs via business objects that provide more contextual information. One employee across many processes? Get the information in a single screen!

Instant alerting on MS Teams

Get updates to critical processes and execution summary into your dedicates MS Teams channel

Centralized Monitoring Dashboard

Provides you an overview of Integration health across all your cloud integration processes


Monitor what Matters


Reliable Integration Monitor that visualizes the results for all your SAP SuccessFactors integrations on cloud. So, if you are running SAP Cloud Integrations, INTEGRTR Monitor CLDM is your central monitoring dashboard.


Improve Transparency & efficiency of your team on finding and resolving integration errors. Automated and Instant alerts on MS Teams, Emails , or your preferred channel enhance the efficiency of your teams.


Monitor all your SAP Cloud Integrations with one centralized solution. The Common Logging Guide ensures you have uniformity in monitoring all your iFlows.

Save Business As Usual Costs by upgrading to a new dimension of SAP Cloud Integration Monitoring!

Upgrade your enterprise integration

Looking to upgrade your enterprise integration?
We’re here to help
Looking to upgrade your enterprise integration?
We’re here to help