Efficient Integration Monitoring for SF

Monitor your SuccessFactors Employee-Central to SAP HXM/HCM/ERP Replication or any other 3rd Party Integration. You can monitor your integration project at different stages in the right manner. From aggregated error analysis during initial data load to instant notifications on Microsoft Teams/Slack/Email – We’ve got you covered.

INTEGRTR.monitor benefits

Increase your HR Team productivity by up to 50% and stay on top of your HR Data.

Intuitive User Interface

Working environment. SAP standard monitoring is split amongst two applications. INTEGRTR.monitor offers a central go to point, to monitor and manage replication results for both PA and OM.

Show Replication results

INTEGRTR.monitor is showing all replication results, including relevant PA and OM Data.

Aggregated Logs & Filtering options

INTEGRTR.monitor is aggegrating the error logs, providing a broad set of filtering options. e.g Errors can be sorted by Infotypes, Error Codes or customer specific tags. Also automated rules can be configured to partially automate error handling.

Selective (Re-) Processing

INTEGRTR.monitor can process single employee records after correction and replicate them outside the replication schedule. Also a selective set of employee records can be processed after correction without the need to access SAP HCM SE38 or similar.

Custom HELP Documentation

Simplify Errors by creating own help texts and guidelines on how to handle certain errors, reducing error processing time, being able to share knowledge with the team. By doing so, onboarding time of new team members can be reduced by up to 40%.

Seamless Process Integration to 3rd party

INTEGRTR.monitor is providing multiple options to automate or semi-automate your processes. You can define rules for notification handling or automated ticket creation in your respective tools.

Create Reusable Data Generation Template

With INTEGRTR-Mass Data Generator, you can define a data generation template in line with your most common HR business scenarios. Your team can create multiple data generation or updation runs based on these templates thus ensuring uniformity in data creation process.

Process PA-PD Assignment

Once an employee is successfully replicated, the user can check the Org. Assignments tab for checking if any PA-PD assignment for the given employee is available and process the PA-PD assignment accordingly.

Verbose logging for detailed analysis

An integration failure might require extensive analysis. Verbose logging capabilities help you easily compare parsed EC and SAP fields/values for the given replication run

Reduced time to action | View SuccessFactors Payload

If your integration runs into a failure, then every bit of resolution time saved is important. With INTEGRTR-Monitor , you get all related information like the payload received from SAP SuccessFactors (CompoundEmployee API) and extracts the relevant employee data in context. Saving you crucial debugging time.

Analyse Employee Replication with history

Most recent logs, History of logs and Linked entities provide a holistic view to the HR admins and operations managers. Contextual navigation and actions allow Managers and Admins to perform time bound actions without friction.

KPIs that convey health of your integration

With a single view of INTEGRTR-Monitor dashboard, you can get a sneak peek at the various integrations in your landscape and analyse the health of your integrations. You can track this by months, week or even last 24 hours.


Map & Transform


Reliable Integration Monitor that visualizes the results from multiple sources in your working environment. Receive automated notifications or have it integrated in your SuccessFactors landing page.


Improve Transparency & efficiency of your team on finding and resolving integration errors.

Assign, Track & Resolve

Integrated tracking – seamlessly create tasks from the Monitor & Track the process at your fingertip. Integration to selected ticketing and collaboration platforms e.g. Asana.


Monitor multiple systems with one centralized solution

Data Quality

Consecutively improve your Data quality

Functions & Features

Automated Classification

Findings are classified. Grouped findings can be mass processed. HR data error reports can be called directly from the HR Admins application. Technical errors forwarded to the IT team for further processing.


Collaboration capability to assign findings directly to team members. Integrates into other Collaboration and Ticketing Platforms. e.g. Asana, JIRA, etc.


Automated notifications of error reports into multiple channels e.g. Slack, Team, E-Mail, etc.


Aggregated Logs. Monitor multiple integrations in one platform.

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Looking to upgrade your enterprise integration?
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