Bridging the clouds together!

Akhil Sabu

Ankit Vimal

Barbara Figiel-Eilbracht

Baris Kilic

Basant Singh

-.- . . .–. / – …. .. … / -.-. ..- .-. .. — … .. – -.– / .- .-.. .. …- . -.-.–

Gaurav Mehra

Girish Bangalore

Bridging Clouds – All sorts of them!

Himanshu Borah

Hey there! I am the guy who turns tea into code at INTEGRTR 😉

Ishita Datta

Let’s have some fun while developing, designing and networking!

Juhi Abid

Fly into the clouds with SuccessFactors and dive into the ocean of SAP HCM

Joerg Schreiber

Think integration, think INTEGRTR!

Nitish Mehta

“A solitary fantasy can transform a million realities”

Pranav Asthana

I love redefining the flow of Data

Robin Frygier

Sonalika Porwal

Shiva Kumar

Shankar Patil

Nina Lugar

Subramanya GT

Bridging clouds- building integrations in HR Tech

Tanisha Gupta

As long as you don’t give up, ANYTHING is POSSIBLE

Vivek Gowda

In relationship with SAP but enjoying an affair with JavaScript! 😉

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