Three reasons why we are all „just“ integrtrs at integrtr GmbH

By Jörg Schreiber

Three reasons why we are all „just“ integrtrs at integrtr GmbH

By Jörg Schreiber

When Girish and I decided to start integrtr in Germany, we also just decided to call ourselves “integrtrs” – no fancy CXO titles. Well, this didn’t go unquestioned. Quite a lot of our friends, connections and acquaintances did question this and some still do.

Here are Three good reasons why:

1. “You have to Earn it!”

We’re in a growth phase. We just started off. We’re currently in the process of building integrtr, hiring fellow integrtrs, building really cool products (more on this in the coming weeks), on-boarding customers and finally delivering projects. We still haven’t reached a place to give ourselves titles. Not yet.

2. “Flat hierarchy is king.”

A place where there’re no boundaries and secrets. Our no private group (of course, only amongst our employees) Slack account is a testimony to that. In a boutique consulting company like ours, CXO titles unnecessarily create hierarchies. This is detrimental to our growth. Keep it lean!

3. “Appreciation”

CXO titles are often used to identify key stakeholders of a company. At integrtr, we’re all stake holders. Each and every integrtr is equally valuable. And we see that at work every day. Just a couple of days ago one of our colleagues bagged a sizeably big order by up-selling one of our services.

We firmly believe that the days of hard hierarchies and control is changing. It’s changing faster than we expected. We’re designing our company for the future from grounds up.

Stay tuned for more updates on products, customers, partners and employees! Thank you. Frohe Ostern! BR., Joerg

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