The INTEGRTR.platform and products offers various solutions to make your hybrid HR operation robust, efficient and transparent. Our offering automates the needed activities as much as possible, allowing you to succeed to build an efficient, resilient and satisfied HR operation.

INTEGRTR for SuccessFactors
For Hybrid Landscape:

INTEGRTR HR Operations Suite

Tired of a fissured HR application landscape slowing you down? INTEGRTR operations suite will get you back on track.

INTEGRTR.monitor - SuccessFactors to SAP Integration Monitoring

Automate SF Replication Monitor to regain full control of HR Data.

INTEGRTR.cldm Monitoring

One Monitor to rule them all. Monitor any integration from SF to any system with one central Monitor.


Your HR process bridge for SuccessFactors.

For HR.DataCloud:

INTEGRTR.Mass Data Generator (MD Gen)

Organisational Changes? Data Migration? Mass Data processing? MD Gen. has it all.

Query your SAP SuccessFactors system and analyze reports.


Create, copy and anonymize HR Data.


Compare the configuration of SF tenants and eliminate deviations.

INTEGRTR for Workday

INTEGRTR Integration Suite for Workday

Seamless Integration and HR Operation for Workday to SAP ERP / S/4 Hana.


Regain control of your field mapping between WD and SAP with this no-code Mapping engine.

Replication Monitoring

Gain control of your HR Data replication and stay in control.

HR Operations Suite

Run and execute your HR processes across both systems with ease.

Looking to upgrade your enterprise integration?
We’re here to help
Looking to upgrade your enterprise integration?
We’re here to help