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How Can INTEGRTR Help You?

integrtr is a citizen integrator cloud service that manages the life cycle of SuccessFactors® (SF) integrations. It aims at becoming the IDE for all SuccessFactors® integrations – to and from.

Save time and effort

Kick start your integrations based on predefined templates created by our integration experts.

These templates automate the creation of all the necessary mappings so that you never miss out the mappings that your integration needs for sure.

(Screenshot: Project with sample mappings from template)

API Validation & Suggestions

Ease of work and error reduction starts right at specification with integrtr.

Integrtr validates the mappings against metadata from SFSF and SAP ERP systems to ensure that you don't go wrong with your integration blueprint.

(Screenshot: Value Help for EC Entities)

Project Collaboration

With Integrtr, working on integration projects would never be the same.

The rich collaboration features lets the whole integration team work closely on the same mapping table.

By creating tasks, you can manage easily the responsibilites for your project.

(Screenshot: Project Team for integration project)

Simple Content Downloads

Download the mapping content as needed by your ERP system and complete the integration in an instant.

It also lets you chose betweeen different download/import modes based on your needs.

(Screenshot: Download options for content)

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